Teddy Bear Golf Tee (Can be stored on a shaft)

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A product that makes your golf tee more convenient to use and create a cute style (a product enclosed with plastic golf tee).
This is a teddy bear that can be inserted into a golf tee, and it prevents the golf tee from flying away even after a tee shot, making it easier to find or pick it up.
The back of the teddy bear has a pocket attached to it, so it can hold a golf tee or a golf ball.
After the tee shot, a magnet attached to the teddy bear's arm can be used to hang the golf tee on the shaft, making it convenient to carry around.
The enclosed golf tee can be used for a long time because it can be replaced with another tee.


◾ Colors: Green, Dark Brown, Sky Blue, Orange, Purple, Pink
◾ Materials: Plastic, Polyester

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