&Make Sun Patch B Type Plus Cool Golf 2 Box (10 Pairs)

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⛳ Take a good shot with KOOD SHOT, Korean online golf store! ===================================

Korean Sunblock Patch for Golf and Outdoor Activity(2 Box, 10 pairs)

✅ Hydrogel is attached to the center of the product, helping to lower skin heat.

✅ Sunscreen may run down or sticky during outdoor activities, but this product is convenient to use without worrying about it.

✅ It is effective because it can cover a wide area.

✅ Adhesive for sensitive skin and post-it function that reattaches even if it falls off.

✅ The area below the eyes is prone to freckles when sunlight touches strongly, so applying this patch is also good for preventing freckles from forming.

✅ It can only be used once, and the UV protection effect lasts 12 hours.

✅ If you apply a patch after using an oily sunscreen, the patch may not stick well. 

      Therefore, it is recommended to use a low-oil sunscreen before applying it.


❤ How to use ❤

After removing the product from the film, attach it to the cheekbones. Make sure to patch after applying sunscreen or after finishing makeup.


◾ Country of Manufacture: Korea




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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
like it

It's definitely the best sun patch I've ever used.
It's moist and cool. I bought a little because it was before I used it, but I really like it. I'll have to buy a lot before summer comes.

very good sun patch!

I've only used type C so far, and I bought type B this time, and I'm really satisfied.

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