Blueberry Crew Neck Short Sleeve Crop Top

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Take a good shot with KOODSHOT, Korean online golf store!


✅ New short sleeve - Crew Neck Crop Top has released for those who are not willing to wear sleeveless top

✅ We have just released Crew Neck Crop Top that is used in multi purposes

✅ Because basic pads are included, you will be ready to go without other inner wear.
Athleisure wear, daily wear and even swim wear is ok!

✅ Designed with crew neck and a bit longer waist line than our Simple Crop Top so you can wear it securely and comfortably.Simple design, but You'd better get it by colors.
All different colors of crew neck crop top matches well with the Hip-up Leggings.

✅ It also can be used as a #swimwear with other bikini bottom.

✅ Confidence up as soon as you wear! #crazyfit
Add your confidence with VINA&Co. Cew Neck Crop Top

✅ The basic brapad is included.
[Tip. Add extra set of brapad for extra volume]

✅ Delicate and high quality inner finish with expensive fabric woven with premium nylon fabric that gives a unique fit.
VINA&Co. brings fresh and satisfied experience as soon as worn. It has a strong texture, fast dryness, and UV protection with double-sided knitted fabric. You will be more satisfied with the matte and moist material without gloss. Meet high-quality products with no compromise on design, quality, or material.

✅  As all VINA&Co. products are made with same high compression material as hip-up leggings, you can cross match with hip-up leggings, bratop, bralette, and bikini top and bottom.
- Daily look is ok! It is possible to be used as a multi-item in a various TPO situations such as indoor and outdoor activities.

If you are concerned about the size, you can choose based on the size of your underbust circumference. Please refer to the size guide for more details.

For the armpit bulge cover, the shoulder strap is designed to go outwards rather than other brands. If you have narrow shoulders, small breasts, or short upper body, your shoulder strap may fall down. In that case, fill your bratop with an extra bra pads or if you wear the bra top down a little, you can wear it without any strap falling.


◾ Color: Blueberry

◾ Size:  / S / M / L /  (Please check the size guide image below.)

◾ Material: Fabric woven with premium nylon yarn


Washing Precautions

◾ It is recommended to wash by hand separately for a short time (less than 10 minutes).

◾ Do not wash in hot water (possibly damage the material).

◾ Lock the zipper and wash it.

◾ Dryer must not be used. Dry it in the shade.

◾ Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

◾ Don't rub it in.

When will my order arrive?

We will ship your order within 1-3 business days. In case of special circumstances, we will contact you within a week.

Domestic (Korea) Shipping will arrive within 3 working days after fulfillment

Standard overseas shipping will arrive in estimated 2-3 weeks

Express overseas shipping will arrive in 5-7 working days

After shipment but we cannot guarantee the condition of the package in transit so delays are inevitable.

If you want to double-check your order status, send us an email at:

How much does shipping cost?

The shipping fee varies depending on the location and weight of the item, which would show during checkout after the input of your address.

Purchases of $500 SGD or more qualify for free shipping.

Please note: Shipping costs for countries outside of Singapore are unified into USD. The final fee may fluctuate based on the currency exchange rate on the day of payment. Additionally, the shipping cost may vary depending on the delivery company's policy.

If you reside outside of our shipping area and wish to purchase the KOODSHOT, please contact us on IG @koodshot or email for custom shipping rates.

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